The House of Blues is Open?in Your Living Room
Apr 29 2020

The House of Blues is Open—in Your Living Room

By: Graham Andreae

As we all face time in isolation, means of entertainment are becoming increasingly slim. With this in mind, the House of Blues is now offering a twice-weekly livestreamed concert. Known as "For the Culture: Live from the Heart of New Orleans," the series of concerts is described as "celebrating the deep musical culture of New Orleans" and, as of Thursday, April 23, is now streamed online every Tuesday and Thursday. (They are also streaming additional live concerts on weekends, so be sure to check the schedule.)

The concerts will be streamed over social media, via the House of Blues New Orleans Instagram and Facebook pages. Fans can watch live, are welcome to support the artists through virtual tip jars, and can engage actively by using the tools available on the specific social media outlet of choice.

Once the House of Blues is back open again, the series will continue live, in-person, with a portion of the ticket and bar proceeds benefitting a local relief fund or organization. The next event will be 7 p.m. this Thursday and will be filmed from the Foundation Room at the venue. The House of Blues looks forward to "seeing" you there, however you choose to stream.

The schedule for the next few events is:

Thursday, April 30
For the Culture: Live From the Heart of NOLA - With Brassaholics
Genre: Americana
7 p.m. - 8 p.m. CST

Friday, May 1
"In Your House Party With Raj Smoove"


7-10 p.m. CST


Sunday, May 3
"Mimosa On Your Sofa With Raj Smoove"


11am-2pm CST


For more information on the House of Blues's livestreamed events, click HERE.

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