Kingsley House to Continue Local Philanthropy With Inaugural ?Give Kingsley Day?
Oct 15 2020

Kingsley House to Continue Local Philanthropy With Inaugural “Give Kingsley Day”

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The ever-commendable list of locals providing much-needed relief for those disproportionately affected by COVID-19 increases again with the addition of Kingsley House's new program. While this new program is not unprecedented, due to their long-standing philanthropic nature, it is no less welcome. All of their efforts during the quarantine and beyond have been focused on relieving everyone in the surrounding area, but this particular one-day event is providing stimuli to the ailing hospitality industry in our area while also funding their own efforts. On October 22, Kingsley House will work as a partner with certain bars and restaurants in the city who will donate a portion of the proceeds received that day back to Kingsley House. This way, interested parties are both helping to keep Kingsley House's respectable pursuits funded, while also supporting establishments that desperately need support from customers.

You may recognize a few of the participating restaurants, as they have been known to participate in community support events in the recent past. Copper Vine, Cure, Turkey and the Wolf, Cavan, Sylvain, and The Commissary are all planning to deliver a percentage of their proceeds to Kingsley House on October 22, so make it a point to visit these establishments come Give Kingsley Day, to help support a true staple of New Orleans philanthropy.

The Kingsley House itself has been around for well over a century at this point, having served our community since 1896 as the South's first settlement house. Though their endeavors have never ceased through the years, the recent pandemic has forced them to redouble their efforts to keep up with the amount of underserviced people in our community. Whether delivering food or providing mental health support to the community, Kingsley House is always attempting to serve those who were dealt a bad hand, no matter what aid they might need. So, you can be assured that your money will be donated to a more than reputable cause this October 22.

To get involved and donate on Give Kinsley Day, go to

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