Football Fandom: New Orleans Ranked Seventh Best Football City
Feb 05 2021

Football Fandom: New Orleans Ranked Seventh Best Football City

By: Kala Hathorn

Football is more than just a game for some sports fanatics; it's a way of life. Football is considered a favorite among sports fans across the nation. And as you surely find yourself currently in a football state of mind, gearing up for the favored Super Bowl LV event, Wallethub has provided some fun and interesting football facts. They put together a ranking system concerning your city and favorite hometown football team. So, if you are a sports fanatic and want to know more about which are the best and worst cities for football, then this article is worth the read.

Wallethub has conducted research on the best football cities across the nation, using a wide range of data sets. The method used to conduct this research included each metric being graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for football fans. The cities were split into categories to further distinguish the best and worst football cities. These categories include the team's performance, ticket pricing, stadium accessibility, and engagement from fans.

Some of the cities featured in the study were Dallas, Boston, Miami, New York, Green Bay, and, of course, our beloved city of New Orleans. The study showed that the Big Easy ranked number 7 on the list of best football cities in the country (Who Dat!). In the category for best NFL performance, we also ranked 7th, and for having the most engaged fans, we came in at number 4. New York, Baltimore, and El Paso, Texas, were among the worst cities for football, hovering around the bottom of the list for engagement, performance, and accessibility.

As a sports fan, if you find this to be a hard pill to swallow or just simply want to read more about the best and worst football cities, you can view the full study at

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