Five Podcasts to Celebrate International Podcast Day September 30
Sep 30 2020

Five Podcasts to Celebrate International Podcast Day September 30

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

With International Podcast Day today, many people who have found solace in the medium during quarantine may be looking to step up their game for the commemorative date. Sometimes, when you are locked down in your house and have very little to do other than work, the most relaxing thing you can put on is a long and informative podcast to keep you entertained but soothed. Listed below are five podcasts centered around New Orleans and Louisiana that you can enjoy.

It's New Orleans: Out to Lunch

As the name makes apparent, It's New Orleans is a series of various New Orleans-based discussions and ventures. As a specifically business-centric podcast, you'll find many discussions about the economic consequences of the pandemic and similar topics. What you might not expect from the series, though, is the wide variety of other subjects they cover as well. While everything is looked at through a business lens, you can still find anything from interviews with local fashion models to discussions of alligator populations. You can view their full lineup of episodes by clicking HERE.

New Orleans Unsolved

Part of the perennially popular true crime genre, New Orleans Unsolved relays chilling stories of criminal cases gone cold in our city. Headed up by civilian investigators, this podcast has a number of episodes with surprising depth and insight into each case, as well as a cohesive narrative strung throughout each season. You can find their repertoire by clicking HERE.

Festival Circuit: New Orleans

On a more lighthearted note, we have Festival Circuit: New Orleans as our next entry. It's a culture-focused series that touches on areas from around the world, and this particular subset focuses specifically on the Big Easy. Containing interviews with incredible musicians like Willie Nelson and renowned authors like Morgan Jerkins, Festival Circuit: New Orleans is sure to satisfy any want for a podcast about musical or cultural discussion. Their New Orleans episodes can be found by following the link HERE.

All Things New Orleans

Straight from New Orleans Public Radio comes the aptly named All Things New Orleans podcast. As the name suggests, this is a variety series with a half-hour runtime that covers all sorts of miscellaneous aspects of our city. Really, you can find just about anything with this one. Their most recent entry varies between interviews with local authors who cover close-to-home issues to an in-depth discussion about medical marijuana programs. You can visit their website HERE.

Notes From New Orleans

Finishing off this list is another series from New Orleans Public Radio. In the stead of miscellany, though, Notes From New Orleans offers a fascinating and focused look into the creativity and artistic visions present in our city. Most would be hard-pressed to name many cities with more creativity and inspiration than the Crescent City itself. Several journalists have taken up the series after the creator's passing and continue to provide the same spirit the series has always had. You can find a list of their episodes by following the embedded link HERE.

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