3 Best Movies for Food Lovers
Apr 23 2021

3 Best Movies for Food Lovers

By: Staff

Can you imagine that only a year ago, we used to go out with friends, dine at restaurants, and travel? Today, we chat online, play at https://22bet.bi/casino, and watch movies. Yet, those who miss the atmosphere of a real restaurant and want to have a great evening should watch these films.

Julie & Julia

One of the best movies about the culinary arts with the gorgeous Meryl Streep. Julie Powell, an office worker in New York City in the 2000s, tries to take her mind off work and learn something important about herself with the help of a cooking blog. She takes it upon herself to cook all the recipes from a year's worth of French cooking books by famous writer and chef Julie Child.

In parallel, we are shown the events that take place in post-war Paris when a bored diplomat's wife goes on a cooking course. She shatters the stereotype that the prestigious job of a chef is reserved for men and becomes a celebrity. The two stories are bound to intersect in the film's finale. And we watch with interest how much this world has changed in the past half-century.


In 1959, a strange young woman named Vienne appeared in a small French town. She doesn't recognize rules, doesn't go to church, raises her daughter alone, and wears red shoes. She also makes chocolate. The appearance of Vienne awakens life in the quiet town. And everyone who walks into her shop gets not only handmade sweets, but also what his heart desires. And soon, Vienne is faced with temptation. A roving gypsy stops in town, and the young woman's heart is disturbed by one of them named Roo.

A very beautiful film with its own special chocolate-sensual aesthetic, great actors, and sweet-hearted fairy-tale atmosphere. More of a parable than a real story about everything that is most alive, vibrant, and free in us.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

A family of Indian immigrants finds themselves in a small town in Provence and opens a home-style Indian restaurant right across the street from a famous Michelin-starred French restaurant. The clash of cultures and tastes, habits and rules is inevitable. And a veritable gastronomic war breaks out between the owner of the Michelin restaurant and the father of the Indian family.

Into the story is intertwined and a love line as an Indian chief and a beautiful French woman fall in love with each other.

It's an inspiring story of how to defeat prejudice and achieve great heights in a business in which outsiders aren't really allowed. But in the end, a happy ending awaits everyone. And the stunning views of Provence and conversations about food create a great mood and bring back fond memories of travel.


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