The SEC Bans the Confederate Flag
Jun 26 2020

The SEC Bans the Confederate Flag

By: Graham Andreae

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has made a ruling: The Confederate flag is banned. They have even gone so far as to say that they will not host games in states where the flag is held up. This is a political move but could have consequences down the road for college sports, if universities and states do not comply.

The SEC is one of the most prominent sports conferences in the United States. With this order, they are placing pressure on a number of states and institutions. The flag has long been a symbol of a history that is painful for many and a source of pride for some. The SEC has decided that this kind of history is not something that should be in college sports and is applying pressure to remove it.

The SEC will be holding games going forward in other parts of the country, but in states where the Confederate flag still stands, they will consider moving the games elsewhere. This is from a recent tweet the SEC put out, regarding the issue and indicating a shift in culture writ large in college sports. States affected have yet to respond to the SEC's pressure.

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