Tacos Del Cartel House Fest Wows in Lafreniere Park
May 11 2021

Tacos Del Cartel House Fest Wows in Lafreniere Park

By: Emily Hingle

Tacos Del Cartel opened on David Drive in Metairie during a time when restaurants were very limited on how many people they could serve at a time. The hip, Instagrammable restaurant became an instant hit not only for the excellent food and beverages, but for the swanky atmosphere. It's unlike anything you'll find in Metairie and probably the entire New Orleans metro area. Tacos Del Cartel could not resist taking their cool concept to the large scale when Cinco De Mayo came around.

Tacos Del Cartel orchestrated a huge free festival in Lafreniere Park, which included fantastic local musicians including Alfred Banks and LeTrainiump as well as DJs pumping out the house music that Tacos Del Cartel is known to play at the restaurant. The show was headlined by Bag Of Donuts playing all the hits that people want to hear. Indeed, the crowd slowly crept up closer to the stage as their set went on, even infiltrating the sides and very front of the stage itself. The band didn't mind that though; they seemed to thrive on the energy.

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