Snoball Season Begins this Weekend in New Orleans
Feb 28 2020

Snoball Season Begins this Weekend in New Orleans

By: Molly Kellogg

New Orleanians have bid farewell to Kingcake season, as Mardi Gras comes to a bittersweet end. Yet, this is not the end for New Orleans sweets! Sno-Ball season is on its way.

Despite chilly temperatures, New Orleans Sno-ball shops will open their doors this Friday. According to the weather channel, there is a possibility the temperature will top out at 70, a perfect temperature to enjoy a sno-ball.

Many Snoball shops are preparing for the upcoming season. Hansen's Sno-Bliz, on 4801 Tchoupitoulas St, will open for its 81st season this coming Friday. Plum Street Snoballs, on 1300 Burdette St., will open Friday as well. Sal's Sno-balls, on 1823 Metairie Ave., will open Saturday and stay open seven days a week, almost all day.

Be sure to get your Snoball before the season ends!

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