River Basin Distillery Rye Whiskey Debuts
Oct 02 2019

River Basin Distillery Rye Whiskey Debuts

By: Emily Hingle

It all started with three guys who questioned why there was a rye whiskey made locally since there were so many new distilleries in the area. Three years later, River Basin Distillery debuts a high-rye, high-proof whiskey that's strong enough to hold up in any cocktail, yet mild enough for even the most staunch critics of rye whiskey. The mellow, yet slightly spicy flavor of River Basin's Rye, the first rye whiskey made here since Prohibition, should be a welcome newcomer to any bourbon lover sipping it straight. It can also be a lovely addition to a lighter cocktail like that mixed with fresh slices of cucumber.

You can already find River Basin Distillery's Rye Whiskey in stores where quality liquors are sold and at many craft cocktail-loving bars.

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