Apr 09 2018

Revisiting a Standard: National Gin & Tonic Day

By: Jeff Boudreaux

Every major food and beverage has its own holiday, and the popular Gin and Tonic cocktail is no exception. Invented as a remedial concoction to combat Malaria among the British East India Company by Scottish doctor George Cleghorn (because of the quinine in the tonic water), the gin and tonic has survived the centuries because of its simplicity and great taste. Get back to the basics with this drink on Monday, April 9, and if you need a recommendation, you can’t get much smoother than Hendrick’s Gin. Infused with botanicals and ingredients like cucumber and rose petals, Hendrick’s Gin creates, “a cocktail of noticeable more sensory resonance than a more common-minded G&T,” according to Mattias Horseman, Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador. Just mix two parts of your favorite Tonic water to one part of Gin, and serve over ice in a highball glass to create the perfect cocktail for this very special day. Enjoy!

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