Pope Francis: #Whodat
Oct 14 2019

Pope Francis: #Whodat

By: Graham Andreae

Pope Francis has been a figure of modernity and change in the Catholic Faith since elected Pope in 2013. Although he has staunchly opposed many established notions of Catholicism one might have been very surprised by his tweet this weekend. He tweeted his support for "#Saints" with a Fleur-de-lis at the tail end of if. #Whodatnation picked it up and ran with it. The media has loved this unorthodox Pope, but now we see him as a member of the #Whodatnation. Who would have thought that such an important figure would support our team.

Though a mistake, the tweet captures, in many ways, the persona that has developed around this Pope. Ranging from his Nissan Popemobile, to his refusal to live in the extravagant estate of his predecessors. This is a Pope that continues to surprise, and what more fitting of a man for this city, known for its oddities and desire to be different, than a Pope who aspires to be different.

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