Pamela Anderson's Costume Called out for Cultural Appropriation
Nov 06 2019

Pamela Anderson's Costume Called out for Cultural Appropriation

By: Staff

Pamela Anderson stepped out on Halloween with a traditional indigenous American headdress on her head and white paint over her "unmentionables." She posed for this PG-13 shot and received universal hate-mail from the internet for her racist costume choice. Anderson responded to critics by sharing a "Law & Liberty" essay in favor of severing the traditional clothes from their cultural practices; arguing that just because a person did not come from a group that developed a practice doesn't mean they don't have a right to take part in that practice as well. In fact, Mike Rappaport wrote the article Anderson cites titled "The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation" posted with tags such as "Social Justice" "woke capital" and "radicalism." As a general statement, something that can be considered traditional wear should never come out of Party City packaging or, in the case of Pamela Anderson's Native American costume this 2019 Halloween, make her stylist thousands of dollars.

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