New Orleans Named No. 1 City for Gay Dating
Jun 24 2019

New Orleans Named No. 1 City for Gay Dating

By: Farrah Ross Appleman

The Big Easy is the top city in the United States for gay dating for both men and women, according to a new study conducted by Bespoke Surgical. The study examined data from the nation's 49 largest cities and weighted seven key factors such as LGBTQ+ population, presence of laws that favor equality, and local amenities. Interestingly, many Southern Gulf Coast cities received top marks, while other southern cities ranked closer to the bottom.

The Best Cities for Gay Dating:

1.New Orleans, LA

2.Austin, TX

3.Tampa, FL

4.Orlando, FL

5.Providence, RI

The Worst Cities for Gay Dating:

1.Oklahoma City, OK

2.Raleigh, NC

3.Virginia Beach, VA

4.Nashville, TN

5.Memphis, TN

To see the full list of rankings and the methodology of the study, visit:

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