Marsh House Rum Launches Locally
Aug 19 2019

Marsh House Rum Launches Locally

By: Emily Hingle

John Craig Marsh purchased a sugar cane farm on Avery Island in 1818, and he quickly started distilling rum made from his sugarcane which was sold locally. Two hundred years later, his descendants cousins Chris Puckett John Reily Thomason have worked to bring this rum back to life. They launched Marsh House Rum at Cane & Table in the French Quarter where the cousins first learned about their family's rum-making past. The rum itself is smooth and sweet with hints of vanilla and citrus. It's pale in color, neither heavily aged nor completely unaged. The soon-to-be famous local liquor is now available at bars including Cure, Cane & Table, Manolito, and Katie's Restaurant. You can also find it by the bottle at fine liquor stores including Martin's Wine Cellar and Elio's Wine Warehouse.

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