Louisiana Law Facilitates Alcohol Delivery
Jun 25 2020

Louisiana Law Facilitates Alcohol Delivery

By: Graham Andreae

Governor Edwards recently signed into law a few new regulations, but the one of most importance to New Orleans citizens is Act 115. This new law enables 1099 contract workers to deliver spirits, which was not possible previously.

This opens up the possibility of all kinds of cocktails and drinks being delivered directly to your door. Restaurants, however, would still be limited to sending out wine and beer through delivery. Only in the last year has delivery of alcoholic goods been approved in legislation.

This follows an announcement from the governor that he passed a number of acts, including Act 147, which prohibits persecution based on participation in the state's medicinal marijuana program, along with a list of several others, as reported by Biz New Orleans. Fantasy sports, on the other hand, are not yet legal, but legislation may be on the horizon. The required legal framework has been put in place by Act 141.

Act 138 allows governments to adopt an exemption from local taxes on feminine hygiene products and diapers. And finally, Act 132, also passed within the past week, provides the opportunity to expunge your record if prosecution does not result in a conviction and you have participated in a pre-trial diversion program.

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