It's Take-Out Taco Tuesday at GW Fins
Mar 24 2020

It's Take-Out Taco Tuesday at GW Fins

By: Kathy Bradshaw

It's Taco Tuesday! And even with the current state of affairs, you can still get your tacos to go. In fact, it's also Great American Take-Out Day today, and GW Fins is honoring both these occasions. In lieu of their regular menu, they now feature different take-out menu options every night, as per the creative and delicious whims of Chef Michael Nelson and what ingredients are currently available. And tonight, it's tacos. For $12, you'll get three, one each of: fried shrimp with Vietnamese glaze and banh mi slaw, Korean glazed pork belly with pineapple salsa, and Wagyu beef short ribs with chili aioli and Kimchi slaw. Fins is also offering homemade guacamole with chips, refried red beans with dirty rice, and, for dessert, strawberry shortcake (with fresh strawberries handpicked by the chef himself) or a "chocolate bombe." Check their website for current take-out options. Open daily for take-out from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. GW Fins, 808 Bienville St.,


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