Free CPR Training for Performers Provided by N.O. Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation
Aug 18 2021

Free CPR Training for Performers Provided by N.O. Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation

By: Olivia Longoria

The New Orleans community values the gift of live music and performance enormously. Something that is as big a part of the city's culture as music should be protected and preserved! That's why the New Orleans Clinic & Assistance Foundation is offering free CPR training for New Orleans's local performers! Sessions will be held weekly in August and September as part of Keep the Beat Alive, on and off stage.

As explained by Erica Dudas, managing director of the Musicians' Assistance Foundation, "Artists heal the community and save lives through their music, now we're giving them the tools to do so in an emergency situation."

This program will equip musicians with lifesaving skills, as well as the ability to better care for themselves and their fellow performers, creating a safer environment for everyone. Health and safety are the number one priority of the foundation, so classes will be COVID safe. Instructors will teach hands-on CPR, naloxone administration, and important information regarding overdose response. Historically, there has been an unproductive stigma associated with overdose in the performance realm. Efforts like these provided by community organizations will help start the process of dismantling the demonization of overdose and move toward preventative care. In any community, looking out for the people around you through collective care is a simple yet empowering act that can change the future for the better.

To learn more about the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic and the CPR training, visit

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