Five Places to Enjoy the Last Weeks of COOLinary Encore
Nov 06 2020

Five Places to Enjoy the Last Weeks of COOLinary Encore

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The rerun of the popular COOLinary program is seeing its scheduled end arrive on November 22. The program is known for its addition of prix-fixe menus to many local restaurants as a way to bolster both local interest and revenue for the restaurant itself. With COOLinary Encore, the current program, there are also weekly themes and special handpicked menus to help set this event apart from its predecessor, which took place in August and September. Below, you can find five excellent eateries to take full advantage of COOLinary Encore.


A somewhat rustic yet charming nook located on the perennially popular Magazine Street, Apolline is proud to present a globetrotting menu of various flavors and multifarious inspirations. Set in a renovated shotgun cottage, this small restaurant has an excellent selection of wines and liquors for you to order alongside all manner of cuisine, so be sure to stop by next time you're itching to satisfy your palate on Magazine Strret. Note that the COOLinary menu items are available here Wednesday through Sunday, and you can order food such as confit pork belly or braised beef short ribs. 4729 Magazine St., (504) 894-8881,

The Country Club

An establishment with exceedingly high ratings both on and offline (a trend you'll see with every COOLinary partner), The Country Club is another excellent eatery to grab both a bite and a drink. As the name suggests, the atmosphere and surrounding area are brimming with sophistication and beauty, right down to the style in which the food is prepared. While certain features are still restricted, including the iconic Drag Brunch, you can still enjoy excellent liquor and cuisine when you give this Bywater gem a visit. COOLinary Encore lunches are available Monday, Thursday, and Friday, with options like chili-spiced oysters and smoked double-cut pork chops. 634 Louisa St., (504) 945-0742,

Desire Oyster Bar

Bearing a name both straight to the point and indicative of their most salient dishes is Desire Oyster Bar, a wonderfully jazzy and authentic restaurant located on the needs-no-introduction Bourbon Street. In addition to their fantastic seafood, ranging the whole gamut of oysters to shrimp to fish, there is a branch of PJ's Coffee located on the site as well. So, should you need a caffeinated pick-me-up after finishing a delicious platter of oysters, you only need to take a few steps to reach a well-loved café. The COOLinary menu is always available for lunch, consisting of delicious choices such as bourbon-smoked wings with bleu cheese. 300 Bourbon St., (504) 586-0300,


Sporting an outright fabulous interior complemented by classy cocktails and the like served on the regular, Meril has a charming atmosphere where diners of all palates can hardly go wrong. The brains behind Meril are none other than the prolific Chef Emeril Lagasse, who was already the proprietor of three other restaurants right here in New Orleans, and now four including Meril. COOLinary Encore has a variety of affordable multi-course options available in its partnership with Meril, ranging from safe options like a simple grilled pork chop to more exotic choices like cast-iron baked cheese. 424 Girod St., (504) 526-3745,

Picnic Provisions & Whiskey

Finishing off this list of COOLinary adventures is the simply charming State Street eatery known as Picnic Provisions & Whiskey. This restaurant sports a very self-explanatory name, and its heart and soul is providing fine liquor in combination with all manner of picnic foods and snacks. Included on the COOLinary menu are a wide variety of mouthwatering items, such as the classic pulled pork po-boy or the more adventurous shrimp and tasso meatballs. The COOLinary menu is always available so long as the restaurant is open and the Encore program is active. 741 State St., (504) 266-2810,


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