Copeland's encourages feeding friends in need
Mar 26 2020

Copeland's encourages feeding friends in need

By: Staff

Copeland's Family of Restaurants just announced a new program, #FeedYour___. In an effort to help local healthcare workers, first responders and pretty much anyone who is in need of a hot meal, Copeland's encourages folks to purchase a meal from any of the Copeland's New Orleans restaurants through or free delivery through Waitr using the promo code: FREEDELIVERY to give to a local hero today. "Our healthcare workers and first responders are spending insurmountable hours taking care of the sick, and many do not have time or energy to prepare a home cooked meal for themselves," said Al Copeland, Jr. To kick off the #FeedOurFollowers movement, Copeland's will be giving away family meals that feed 4-6 people through all of their social media channels.

The Copeland's are also seeking to promote virtual meals with friends and family members during such an isolated and often lonely time. "Our family has been sharing virtual meals since social distancing began through online platforms and video calling," said Copeland. "We know the sharing of a meal is important, especially in times of crisis, so we encourage you to try it, too. Anything that brings us closer emotionally can only make us stronger."

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