Brighten Up your Father's Day with a Glenfiddich Highball
Jun 16 2019

Chill Out on Father's Day with a Glenfiddich Highball

By: Emma Van Wynen

With Father's Day just around the corner, we're all brainstorming of little ways to make dad feel extra special. If Mother's Day means champagne and rosé, then Father's Day must mean scotch and whiskey- right? This year, show dad how much you care with a perfectly crafted Glenfiddich Highball. This refreshing cocktail, coming from 12-year-old Scottish whiskey, some soda water, and a zesty lemon wedge, is easy to make and perfect for any summer evening. A single malt scotch whiskey, Glenfiddich is fruity on the nose and creamy on the taste buds-- spending years in oak sherry casks and eventually mellowing in oak marrying tuns. To make The Glenfiddich Highball, add 1 part whiskey, 3 parts soda water, 3 large ice cubes, and garnish with a lemon wedge. Enjoy this Father's Day with family, friends, and a Glenfiddich Highball!

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