Yes, You Can Get a Job?Even Now
May 09 2020

Yes, You Can Get a Job—Even Now

By: Alena Cover

While the pandemic has put a freeze on hiring for many companies and left many unemployed, some companies have seen hiring increases to meet new demands. CNN Business released a list today of companies that are hiring rapidly during the crisis.

The list cites food and delivery services, retail, tech and entertainment, security services, education, manufacturing, and financial services as the main industries that have seen an increased demand.

Instacart, an on-demand shopping service, has seen increased demand and has hired 300,000 full-service shoppers in the last few weeks, with plans to hire a similar number in the coming weeks. Companies such as Pizza Hut, 7-11, Papa John's, Chipotle, FedEx, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Netflix, and General Motors are also included on the list.

You can view the full list here: These companies are hiring rapidly during the crisis.

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