Mar 21 2017

Why the Nola Kool Kids Are "Kool"

By: Emil Flemmon

We’re carving out our own lane for black professionals, and we want to stay in it.” --G. Bush

When you talk to the party and event planning duo, George Bush and Issac Williams, and see the work that they do in the city for black professionals, you understand why their formula makes them stand out.

In a city of familiar urban promoters such as Larry Morrow, Greg Johnson, and Mike B, to name a few, Bush and Williams, aptly known as the Nola Kool Kids, have created a different niche for the community.

This past Sunday (March 19), their #SundayFunday was put to great use during their first ever Brunch Day Party at the 14 Parishes restaurant off Clio Street. The venue’s ambiance gave off a serene vibe, nothing overdone, with flowing mimosas and rum punch and a menu that was complimented by patrons as being good.

With music provided by DJ Hawaii 5ive - O, whose spins on the ones and twos are heavily remembered by 80s and 90s babies, and the ever-growing trend of live paintings done by Glenn St. Patrick, the Kool Kids delivered.

What was very apparent about Bush was his verbal interaction with the attendees. Whether it was asking for feedback about the food and service or providing vouchers all in the name of business, Bush represented himself well as the heart of the Kool Kids. However, in every working relationship, all entities need the “hammer” that goes to great lengths to ensure business goes right, putting emotions aside for a later time, which is where Williams fits in perfectly.

Check out a few words from the duo below:

On having a brunch rather than just another party:

Bush: I mean, we’ve seen the other promoters, and they're good at what they do. They attract the popular crowds with the bottles and the whole nine. But when we started to talk to people, some wanted to escape the club life and get into something else that still gave them a club scene, yet a little bit more toned down. A day party like this just made us look different than our competition.

Williams: I want to add to that. We aren’t taking away from the other guys because they do good work, but they do good work for the crowds they get. We wanted something different, and this brunch was just taking a turn in the lane we want to keep going in for ourselves.

Bush’s passion about the social craft comes across effortlessly on his quest to provide the best for patrons. But Williams, who moves in secret yet makes a big impact in subtle silence, supports his business partner as the more enthusiastic face of the Nola Kool Kids. In other words, these two are very vocal about their strengths and weaknesses. Williams said, “I let him do him because there’s a strong side he’s got that works, and he does the same for me.”

On the goals for the Nola Kool Kids:

Bush: I think I can speak for Issac and myself that it’s not about trying to be better than others. We just want to bring something to the table that gives the urban community other options. Things get recycled a lot, but you want to always figure out how to be creative in this cycle.

Williams: We’ve got things coming up, but that’s for a later date. What we want to continue to do is keep learning how people respond to the new ideas we have that we want to give life to.

When asked about what advice they would give to the college student who wants to start throwing parties and the business of it all, Bush said, “There’s an art to all of this. Start throwing things [events] in college. Get with a party promoter and study them, or intern. If you don’t want to learn the sacrifices for this art, you’re in the wrong profession for entertaining the people.”

The likeable factor about the Nola Kool Kids is a very obvious and simple formula. If “opposites attract,” Bush and Williams know how to make a business marriage look easy with cooperation, respect, room for error, and most importantly, the willingness to actually “hear” the needs of those who patronize their growing empire.

For all of you social media junkies, check out the Kool Kids and their upcoming events on Instagram @NolaKoolKids or on Facebook.


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