WDSU and Second Harvest Helping Victims in Lake Charles
Sep 11 2020

WDSU and Second Harvest Helping Victims in Lake Charles

By: Abbey Hebert

On their Day of Giving telethon, which aired Friday, September 4, WDSU-TV raised $165,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank, which will supply 660,000 meals to victims of Hurricane Laura, as well as water and cleaning supplies. This telethon accepted donations through Facebook, their website, and phone calls.

According to an article written by Nola.com, there have been 26 deaths related to Hurricane Laura, the causes of which range from improper use of generators to houses collapsing due to the strong winds from the hurricane. This ongoing struggle has been noticed not only within the state, but also throughout the country. Prominent and affluent company owners, such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, have donated to Hurricane Laura relief funds and are encouraging others to donate to charities that will help the victims of the hurricane.

Second Harvest Food Bank "leads the fight against hunger in South Louisiana by providing food access, advocacy, education, and disaster response." Dedicated to helping ameliorate hunger, Second Harvest delivers approximately 32 million meals to at least 210,000 people annually. Most victims affected by Hurricane Laura are still without power and electricity and, therefore, still without a safe, dependable way to store food. WDSU-TV and the Second Harvest Food Bank have successfully worked together before and believed Hurricane Laura would be a good cause for which to reunite.

In a segment by WDSU, Ashbrooke Tullis, a volunteer at Second Harvest, emphasized that the people who are donating "went through Katrina [and are] grateful for what everyone did for them…" She discussed how even people in low-income brackets donated a large sum of money and emphasized that this is because "New Orleanians do not forget, and they give."

To help Second Harvest continue to provide for the victims of Hurricane Laura, click here.

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