Uber Eats Waives Delivery Fees for Black-Owned Businesses
Jun 10 2020

Uber Eats Waives Delivery Fees for Black-Owned Businesses

By: Kayla Martinez

Uber's Statement

As more and more businesses announce their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Uber Eats has committed to waiving delivery fees for black-owned restaurants for the rest of the year. In a long statement emailed to Uber users and posted on social media, the ridesharing company also committed to promoting black-owned restaurants more actively on the app and discounting rides for "black-owned small businesses, who have been hit hard by COVID-19." Fox News points out that they did not specify the rate of the discount, however. Uber has also linked senior executive pay to "measurable progress on our diversity goals" and plans on "expanding opportunities for drivers and delivery people, including through education opportunities and skills training."

The Washington Post reports that the coronavirus has disproportionately affected black-owned businesses, but that in the wake of the protests, interest and support is rising for these establishments. In New Orleans, we're lucky to have a bevy of black-owned restaurants, from Willie Mae's to Morrow's to Café Dauphine. If you're looking for a guide, Eater New Orleans has compiled multiple guides and maps on their website to help you be aware of and find black-owned businesses. Many of these are available on Uber Eats, meaning you'll no longer be required to pay a delivery fee if you use the Uber service, but, of course, you can support our local black-owned restaurants whether they're on Uber Eats or not. Most businesses continue to offer takeout, so call and place your order.

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