Think an Electric Car is too Expensive?
Aug 12 2020

Think an Electric Car is too Expensive?

By: Graham Andreae

For many Louisiana residents, the choice of vehicle matters, whether you're an Uber driver, a long-distance commuter, or a parent of four. For those looking for something that is practical, environmentally friendly, and affordable, there are not many options—if you opt for environmental and go electric, you might have to sacrifice cost-effectiveness. But that is about to change. In late 2020, Chinese automaker Kandi will be releasing a sub-$15,000 electric vehicle (though you may have to make a bit of a hike to buy one).

As it stands right now, the only place that you can buy the car is in Texas, but the price and the fact that it runs on an electric drivetrain make this a compelling option. For the environmentalist that cannot afford a Model 3, let alone any of their larger cars, this might sound ideal. The auto company intends to launch two models: the K27 and the K23.

The first of the two, the K27, is looking like a smart car competitor. The second, the K23, is more of a family caravan, but both are relatively inexpensive, even when compared to their gas-using counterparts. Though technically retailed at above the supposed price point, tax credits in the U.S. will pull the price of the subcompact to $12,999.

The downside to this low price point, however, are the cars' maximum speeds of 60 mph and 70 mph for the K23 and K27, respectively. Additionally, their battery ranges are also similarly paltry: The K23 runs just 100 miles, while the K27 runs a moderately improved 188 miles.

If you're still sold on these cars, then you'll additionally need to travel to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is the only area currently selling the car. Hopefully, sales of these vehicles will help improve pricing of all electric cars through the economy of scale and market pressure.

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