The Best Bars to Discuss Business
Nov 12 2019

The Best Bars to Discuss Business

By: Cassandra Damascus

Picture this-you're a young professional, a rise and grinder, and after much persistence, you finally have the opportunity to "meet and grab a drink" with an individual who may have the golden ticket to your career advancement. Then they ask where you suggest you meet, and you have to think quickly. You don't want the back-and-forth middle school approach of, "You hang up. No, you hang up," but you also need to avoid the bars you frequent. You can't give off the impression as a regular to someone who may be in town two days for a conference and who possibly holds the key to your future. On the other hand, it's still New Orleans, and you need to show some personality.

Here is your go-to list of bars to have a professional drink:

Piscobar: With a variety of (you guessed it) pisco-based cocktails, Piscobar is stationed downstairs in the Catahoula Hotel. Generally, the Catahoula Hotel is known for its rooftop bar, but a romantic sunset backdrop may not be the ideal location for a professional meeting. That's what makes Piscobar the perfect medium-they have a courtyard patio complete with a mural. Plus, they feature free WiFi. 914 Union Street |️ 504-603-2442

SoBou: SoBou covers all the bases. It's a Brennan restaurant featuring small plates and strong cocktails, it's acceptable to grab a lunchtime drink (hello 25-cent martinis), and it's located near the edge of the Quarter on Chartres (your visitor can catch a quick glimpse of the Quarter charm). 310 Chartres Street |️ 504-552-4095

Cellar Door: Dwelling in the Swoop-Duggins house, the "single oldest 'house' remaining in downtown New Orleans," the cozy Cellar Door oozes history through its 19th century walls. Side note-they offer 25 percent off wine bottles on Wednesdays. 916 Lafayette Street |️ 504-265-8392

NOSH (New Orleans Social House): This convenient self-proclaimed bar (and restaurant) for a work meet-and-greet is indeed perfect for a professional meeting. NOSH only features bar, high-table, and lounge seating, which is perfect for a business discussion. It may not be as Instagrammable as the other options, but it's definitely a safe bet. 752 Tchoupitoulas Street |️ 504-581-7101

The Mayhaw: The Mayhaw may be at the epicenter of Auction House Market, but the venue for post-work cocktails is not nearly as bustling as midday lunch-a good thing if you're trying to connect. The cafe seating, combined with draping greenery and oyster bar, makes it ideal to talk business over a drink. 801 Magazine Street | 504-372-4321

Compère Lapin: Nestled in the Old 77 Hotel, Compère Lapin is popular for their food and has a long bar with innovative cocktails and personable bartenders who care about what you're sipping. As long as the music isn't too loud, it's a prime location to meet post-conference. 535 Tchoupitoulas Street |️ 504-599-2119

The Press Room: With a similar proximity to the Convention Center as Compere Lapin, the Press Room is the hotel bar at The Eliza Jane, a Hyatt Hotel. With a captivating lobby, the Press Room features living-room-style seating areas, complete with a library and fireplace. If that's not enough, the Press Room also hosts an outdoor courtyard. 315 Magazine Street |️

Public Service: Last but not least is Public Service, an elegant and modern, yet homey, bar and restaurant located in the NOPSI Hotel. It is a nicely lit space and opens up into the beautiful NOPSI lobby. They also have a large courtyard patio to enjoy. You can grab a seat at the bar or sit at a table and enjoy their amazing happy hour 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays! 311 Baronne Street |️ 504-962-6527

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