Jul 19 2019

Tales of the Cocktail Day 3

By: Emily Hingle

Tales was packed with events for Thursday, the third day of the nearly week-long fest.

The Garden of Elyx was a weird and welcoming party around a pool filled with adult blow-up dolls. The cocktails came in a wide variety of shiny copper cups. I had one that was shaped like a mule, and others had cups shaped like roosters. You were also allowed to design a hat that you could take home!

The real crowning jewel of the day was the Hendrick's Gin Palace which took place at the Orpheum Theater. Smalls groups of drinkers were lead through a strange and beautiful world. Each art-filled realm was complemented with a signature drink featuring the newest flavors of Hendrink's Gin like the Midsummer Solstice.

Bayou Rum hosted a local-centric dinner at Coterie on Decatur Street. You were asked to sample their best varietals of aged rum before being given a full round of creative cocktails with each course.

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