“Take Flight” Around the World at Bar Marilou
Feb 24 2021

“Take Flight” Around the World at Bar Marilou

By: Laurel Shimasaki

Imagine for one crystalline moment that you could spontaneously book a trip to France and be on your merry way. Your red-eye flight leaves tonight. Sounds idyllic, unreal, impossible—but with the new collaborative bar series, "Taking Flights," you can have a glass (or three) of Paris without leaving New Orleans. Bar Marilou and its partner Quixotic Projects have teamed up with three Parisian bars to import signature recipes straight from the City of Lights to the Crescent City.

"Taking Flights" is true a globetrotting affair. The menu will change countries each month. After kicking off in Paris, your intercontinental voyage is scheduled to move through London in April, and then Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Singapore, and Bangkok each month after. At each stop, Quixotic will spotlight its favorite bars in each city.

Beginning in Paris means Quixotic Projects gets to share the town its know best. Headquartered in the City of Love, the hospitality company has had a street-side view of the recent rise of Parisian bar culture. "In the last 20 years, Paris has seen an evolution in bartending and cocktails, resulting in a very diverse and fun scene," Carina Soto Velasquez of Quixotic Projects said. "Like how a majority of the city's best restaurants are owned by chefs, a majority of the very well-established cocktail bars are bartender-owned, and they each have their own distinct concepts and personalities."

Bar Marilou has personality and concept in maximalist abundance. Immediately upon opening inside the Maison de la Luz hotel, the place caught the eye of luminary outlets like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Architectural Digest PRO. For locals—distracted by Jazz Fest 2019 and whatever else was going on that hectic spring season—the opening could have easily passed them by. Although it wouldn't be long before they came across pictures of Bar Marilou with its lust-red walls, gilded stools with tiger-striped fabric, and a general deluge of ultra-hip decor with so much pomp that the place look like a new Renaissance. Designer Pamela Shamshiri told Deezeen that the madcap ambiance was about "creating places that are experiences."

And now you can skip the 11-hour flight and get drinks from Candelaria, Combat, and Le Syndicat at Bar Marilou. The featured cocktail from Candelaria, a Mexican taqueria that opened on Rue de Saintonge in 2011, is called Corn. Made with popcorn mezcal, verjus, vanilla, and soda, the drink encapsulates the electric vibes of the cross-cultural bar and restaurant. Combat, located in Paris's Belleville neighborhood, is offering Nardine. Their concoction is a fun and fresh combination of calvados, egg white, Nardini Amara, lemon juice, and toasted rice orgeat. Take a trip to Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis with Le Syndicat's Fine a L'eau. Armagnac, verjus, and bourgoin sirop de sucres is a mixture that brings back traditionalist spirits with a contemporary twist.

While you're sipping on your international cocktail, make sure to not miss out on the food! Bar Marilou's menu includes Gougéres Aux Époisses ("It's French for cheese puff," the menu translates if you don't parlez-vous français); a Bar Burger with cantal and tomme de brebis cheeses, pickled cucumber, lettuce, and onion if you're looking for something hearty and baroque; and Artisan Ice Cream by Lucy Boone for the dessertivores out there.

To ensure you get a table, book your reservation quickly and conveniently online. If you book on a Thursday night, Bar Marilou's live music series, "Reverberant Sounds," is back. Bon voyage!

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