Supporting the Industry You're In: POB United
Apr 02 2020

Supporting the Industry You're In: POB United

By: Kim Ranjbar

Through all of the fear, anger and despair we're all feeling right now, it is uplifting to see people and businesses in our community helping each other. It helps restore our faith in humanity, it helped us not so long ago after the levee failures, and it's helping us again today.

With a tourist-based economy, New Orleans thrives in its service to others, especially in our widely recognized restaurant industry. Over the past several weeks, we've seen dozens of restaurants and other organizations reaching out to lend a helping hand to colleagues and friends, and Port Orleans Brewing Co. can be counted among them.

In partnership with NATCO Food Service, Louisiana Fresh Produce and Blue Runner Red Beans, Port Orleans Brewing has launched POB United. Together, they are offering free, freshly prepared meals for pick-up to service industry employees. "I am grateful to be able to provide some assistance to those who have given so much of themselves to make New Orleans what it is today-a city full of love and hospitality" says Zach Strief, owner of Port Orleans Brewing Co.

Through an online fundraising campaign, POB United will purchase goods from NATCO, Louisiana Fresh Produce and Blue Runner Red Beans; and hire local chefs and their teams to create and cook the meals. Approximately 500 free meals -- such as meatloaf with mac -n-cheese, steamed green beans and corn - will be distributed every Wednesday and Friday from noon to 4pm through the end of May.

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