Seven NOLA-Themed Items to Buy on Amazon on ?Prime Day?
Oct 12 2020

Seven NOLA-Themed Items to Buy on Amazon on “Prime Day”

By: Abbey Hebert

Amazon Prime Day is two days filled with sales and discounts—to put it simply, Prime Day is two days that you don't want to miss. Why wait for Black Friday when you can shop now? While browsing through the great deals Amazon is offering on October 13 and 14 for its Prime members, don't forget to shop for New Orleans-themed items to show love and support for a city that is still recovering from the pandemic. Whether you want to splurge on something you've had your eye on for a while or start your Christmas shopping early, check out the items below to see if they are on sale on Prime Day, as they make perfect gifts for yourself, friends, and family.

Homesick Scented Candle

The homesick candle creates scents special to your hometown or home state, including Louisiana and, more specifically, New Orleans. The Louisiana homesick candle, which costs $29.95, smells of honeysuckle, jasmine, a hint of citrus, and magnolia, a scent that locals know from the historical and beautiful magnolia trees native to Louisiana. The New Orleans homesick candle, which costs $30.58, includes smells special and familiar to New Orleanians, such as the mouthwatering smells of king cake and beignets.

New Orleans Cookbooks

Natives and locals know that New Orleans cuisine not only smells delicious, but it tastes delicious, too. The Cajun-Creole culture embeds itself into classic NOLA dishes, as well as the other cultures that all come together in one big melting pot. Try Ryan Boudreaux's The Best of New Orleans: 50 Classic Cajun and Creole Recipes from the Big Easy to master notable recipes for dirty rice, Oysters Rockefeller, and muffulettas, for only $13.99. Amazon offers many more Louisiana cookbooks; just type it into the search bar, explore, then cook.

New Orleans-Themed Games

Amazon offers a selection of games with an exciting and homey New Orleans twist. New Orleans-opoly allows anyone who knows New Orleans to play a board game featuring properties they grew up with, are familiar with, or just love. "A Game Celebrating the City of N'awlins," New Orleans-opoly accommodates from two to six players and allows the players to choose between a traditional game or a one-hour version. Even something as simple as Saints-themed playing cards can show your enthusiasm and love for our city.

Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory

There is a special place for Café Du Monde in New Orleanians' hearts. This landmark café in the French Quarter has been serving coffee and unforgettable beignets since the early 1860s. Sip on nostalgia while sipping on their coffee. One 15-ounce pack of coffee grounds on Amazon costs $7.44 and has a 4.6/5 rating from the 4,716 reviews. Start off your mornings drinking coffee that pays tribute to New Orleans.

Cocktail Recipes

New Orleans is the hub for cocktails, offering signature and classic cocktails. Sarah Baird's cookbook New Orleans Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Big Easy gives tips from local bartenders about how to make your cocktail as tasty, authentic, and easily mixed as possible. This $16.39 cocktail recipe book is divided into sections, such as French Quarter Classic Cocktails; Insider's Choice: Where Bartenders Drink; Spike It: Reimagining Milk and Coffee; and more. Invest in this book to increase your knowledge and love of classic New Orleans cocktails.

New Orleans Decor

Buy New Orleans-themed decorations to place around your house, a proud way to showcase your love for the city. Purchase a set of three shot glasses with New Orleans street names on them for $17.99, or an indoor Saints rug for $41.80 to cheer for New Orleans's beloved football team. Or buy a pack of eight ornaments for $9.99, each etched with a popular New Orleans street name, such as Bourbon, St. Charles, and Magazine. If none of these sounds appealing, then type in "New Orleans Decor" and search until you find a decoration that you love.

New Orleans Face Masks

Since masks are still mandated, you should purchase a mask that expresses your love for the city, as that is what brings us together, even in isolated and socially distant times. Get a Saints face mask for $14.59 to show your support for the Saints and for the greater community. Face masks with Saints designs vary; some are bedazzled, some are neck gaiters, and some are plain and simple. Browse through the face mask selection that Amazon offers, and you'll be sure to find one that fits your style and interests while also showing your loyalty to New Orleans.

Happy Prime Day!

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