Scholarship Offered to 5 Year Old Louisiana Drummer
Feb 17 2020

Scholarship Offered to 5 Year Old Louisiana Drummer

By: Alena Cover

Jeremiah Travis has been the youngest member of the St Helene College and Career Academy band for three years.

He was two years old when he was scouted by band director Chesteron Frye, who heard him keeping time with the band from the stands at a football game.

Now Jeremiah practices drumming with the student band for three hours four days a week, and has become the subject of national interest as videos of him performing have gone viral, as well as a local celebrity and a source of pride for the community.

Jeremiah's mom, Nicole Jackson, was shocked and thrilled when the band director at Alcorn State University Called to offer a scholarship.

Jeremiah has plenty of time to make decisions about college, but for now he's excited to continue drumming.

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