*Repeat Repeat plays at Gasa Gasa
Jun 25 2019

*Repeat Repeat at Gasa Gasa

By: Landon Murray

Last year, over the course of a few weeks, I kept hearing these songs on WTUL 91.5 FM and became more and more interested in a little outfit from Nashville called *Repeat Repeat. Their album Floral Canyon has many songs that jumped out at me, and I quickly became enamored with their upbeat but passionate delivery. I was lucky enough to see them later at Shaky Knees, as well as interview the figure heads (Jared and Kristyn Corder), and transitioned into full on love for their style. Sunday night, at Gasa Gasa, the band stopped in town, and the decently crowded venue seemed excited to get to see this up-and-coming band as they climb their way up the ladder of success. On the horizon is a tour with powerhouses Black Keys and Modest Mouse, but last night we got all *Repeat Repeat, and the audience ate up every minute.

Opening the night was Airpark, who was unfamiliar to this reviewer. The band had a rousing 45 minute opening set, enticing the crowd to edge closer throughout the show in hopes of breaking the void separating the band and the crowd. They succeeded, and by the end, the entire audience was giving the love right back as they marched through their set.

Following them was the main event, who alongside their Nashville counterparts in Airpark, delivered a set worthy of larger rooms, even if they haven't graduated to such spaces yet. Opening with "I Could Hear my Heart Beat," from their newly released second album Glazed, the meager crowd didn't mind having space to dance as the five-piece, headed by husband and wife duo Jared and Kristyn Corder, quickly found their groove. Last year, they had plenty of energy, but it's obvious after seeing them that they've been busy making this a show you can't look away from.

Over the course of their hour-long set, the band delivered tracks from their new album including "Head On" and the lovely sounds of the romantic tinged "City of Stars," with Jared taking a moment to expound upon a clearly seen deep love between the two. To be honest, it was adorable and made me like them and want to root for their continued success even more. The set also featured memorable tracks from their previous record Floral Canyon, such as the dance party that is "Ghost." That particular song might be the early benchmark for the band, with all the members giving it everything they have. The energy is astounding, and you can tell how tight and in sync this band is.

Overall, it was another great show, and the members of the band are so genuine and excited that it's difficult to not feel the same. Like I mentioned earlier, the band is opening some dates for the Black Keys later in the summer, and, if they deliver the type of show I saw last night, their time in the spotlight is about to hit in a big way. Keep an eye on these guys; you'll be hearing more from them.

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