MaCNNO Reopens Applications for Financial Aid for Musicians and Artists
Dec 14 2020

MaCNNO Reopens Applications for Financial Aid for Musicians and Artists

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Following up on their previous round of aid, The Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCNNO) is taking online applications for financial aid for those in New Orleans who have been either active performers of some kind or within the vein of culture-bearers. The application is a Google form, which you can find HERE. Although an end date is not specified on the form, this grant is running for a limited time. Applications have been open officially since December 4, so if you are planning on submitting a form for you or your group, it is recommended that you act sooner rather than later.

There is a priority range for these grants: Those over the age of 70 and those with documented struggles in receiving other aid will be the first to receive the MaCNNO grants, but any active cultural worker can apply and will receive the money, provided that they act soon. The standard grant is listed as a flat $250 payout. This grant is only applicable to those who live within Orleans parish.

This second round of financial aid is almost certainly the result of the unprecedented spike in coronavirus cases storming the country at present. Just as small businesses are struggling to keep their head above the water with few in-store customers, live performers are finding themselves up a creek without a paddle, considering that it is illegal and unsafe to have audience members to make their music "live" to begin with. Government aid, in large part, has been fairly scarce recently, so it is a welcoming sight to see smaller organizations such as MaCCNO selflessly extend their hand to those who need it. Interested parties are encouraged to visit for more information about the group and the grant.

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