Learn How to Be a Virtual Musician at the Sync Up Conference 2020
Nov 16 2020

Learn How to Be a Virtual Musician at the Sync Up Conference 2020

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Even if you do not have much interest in the New Orleans live music scene (unlikely), you have almost definitely still seen or heard of the extreme detriments the current pandemic has brought about. In response to and in an effort to spread more awareness and information about live performances in New Orleans's current debilitated state, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation is launching the 2020 Sync Up Conference. Music venues are, unfortunately, though perhaps necessarily, near the bottom of the list of scheduled reopenings, as New Orleans slowly and achingly reopens.

Every type of New Orleans artist, be they professional or amateur, has suffered from the current state of affairs, and doubly so if their income is reliant upon their craft. This workshop, which is at 6 p.m. this Wednesday, November 18, aims to cast the spotlight back on the musicians of the Crescent City and specifically discuss issues such as virtual performances and gigs, as opposed to their more tangible and lucrative live counterpart. As both a testament to the resilience of contemporary artists as well as an advisory for the less-experienced on how to continue pushing forward, this conference can only help the New Orleans live music scene.

The conference will have several fabled musicians and managers present as panelists to answer tough questions about the state of New Orleans's music industry, as well as to share personal perseverance experiences and provide pointers to those looking for advice. Everything from virtual gigging ideas and common pitfalls to streaming services to use will be covered, so if this has any pertinence to your career, then it is probably worth tuning in to. You will be able to view the conference as soon as it starts by visiting their YouTube channel, which will host the livestream.

Wednesday, November 18, at 6 p.m. on YouTube.

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