Job Recovery in Louisiana Worse Than in Any Other State
Jul 15 2020

Job Recovery in Louisiana Worse Than in Any Other State

By: Kayla Martinez

WalletHub reports that when looking at unemployment claim recovery time across all U.S. states and Washington D.C., Louisiana sits dead last, at number 51. Since last year, our unemployment claims have risen by 1630.31%. By comparison, the state whose employment is recovering most quickly right now is Oregon, which saw only a 98.8% increase in unemployment overall. While this is a substantial increase (nearly doubling the claims they saw last year), it's less than 1/16th of what we saw in Louisiana.

WalletHub reports that, across the nation, America has seen 49.9 million jobs lost since the pandemic began. In an attempt to mitigate the devastating effects of a loss of steady income, Congress passed the CARES Act, which allowed self-employed people and gig workers to be eligible for unemployment and allocated each person receiving unemployment benefits an additional $600 a week of federal funding, on top of state funding. According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the maximum amount of unemployment benefits funded by the state is $247, so the CARES Act funding was a significant increase. However, Forbes reports that the CARES Act benefits will not continue past July, which will likely cause significant problems for many Louisianans.

CBS News reports that, in response to the impending end of support from the CARES Act, the House of Representatives has passed the HEROES act, which would allow for another round of stimulus checks and continued increased federal aid. However, the bill, which is largely championed by Democrats, has yet to be passed in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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