Groceries Prices to Remain High
Jun 02 2020

Grocery Prices to Remain High

By: McKenna Smith

As COVID-19 persists, many in the U.S. are noticing that their grocery bills have increased since the beginning of quarantine. According to AP News, nationally, there has been a significant upswing in the price of some food items. This began in March as many stocked up on essential items and more people opted to cook at home but has continued as disruptions in the supply chain linger.

On the whole, there was a reported 46-year high in the cost of food, and the Labor Department released that prices for meats and eggs rose the most, at 4.3 percent. While the price tag of some items, like flour and eggs, has leveled with the quell in consumer demand, some produce remains above 2019 averages.

Some industries have been hit harder than others, and the meat sector specifically has fallen on difficult times economically, after processors found that thousands of their workers tested positive for COVID-19. Some experts say that the price of meat might remain at an industry high as production levels struggle to normalize while companies simultaneously try to ensure the safety of their workers.

These prices are not expected to drop soon, and for some, these increases are overall inconsequential, but for those unemployed and economically affected by the virus, the price surge of groceries is troubling.

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