Galatoire?s Raising Money for Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans
Jul 21 2020

Galatoire’s Raising Money for Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans

By: Graham Andreae

Started by Father Harry Tompson and Judge Adrian Duplanpier 40 years ago, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans provides homes and educational opportunities to kids in need. The opportunities include access to schools, such as Jesuit High School and a number of other Catholic schools across the city. For those moved by what Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans stands for, there is an event happening this weekend that supports this cause: Galatoire's At Home.

The event, which is actually a two-night event, will conclude with a fantastic dinner at Galatoire's Restaurant, for those who signed up to take part in this fundraiser. The restaurant and the organization have a deep relationship together, having been working together for the last 10 years. This so-called "Patron in Place" event serves two needs: It provides a delicious meal to customers who have not been able to dine out for some time, and it provides funding for a great organization.

The event will be happening this Saturday, July 25, and will feature a premium meal, consisting of a hearts of palm salad, followed by a beef filet in a portabella mushroom bordelaise, and finished off with a chocolate pecan tartlet.

The event will be a great way to rise up from our time alone and begin to give back and perhaps even regain a sense of normalcy, while helping others.

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