Five Spots to Celebrate National Chocolate Day This October 28
Oct 26 2020

Five Spots to Celebrate National Chocolate Day This October 28

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

While most dedicated fans of the ever-popular sweet usually have no need for an excuse to indulge in it, this October 28 is nonetheless a great day to enjoy chocolate in all of its many forms. While the milk chocolate candy bar popularized by big-name brands is the most immediately recognizable iteration of chocolate, you could use this National Chocolate Day as an opportunity to broaden your chocolate horizons. You will find five places in this article where you can try out chocolate in one or more of its different varieties.

Piety and Desire Chocolate

Having been out of commission for a fair bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Piety and Desire Chocolate shop is happy to open its doors again for curbside pickup and online shipping. Specializing in anything but run-of-the mill chocolate, Piety and Desire Chocolate is guaranteed to satisfy even a finicky chocolate palate. This chocolatier offers a smorgasbord of original and exceedingly creative bonbons and assorted chocolate bags, ranging from the Vietnamese iced coffee ganache to the lavender chamomile bonbon, and a quick visit to their website is sure to both pique your interest and whet your appetite. 2727 S. Broad Ave., (504) 799-1709,

Lolli's Chocolates

Lolli's Chocolates is a small chain of chocolatiers, with a convenient location right on Saint Charles Avenue just outside the French Quarter. With a very large variety of chocolates to choose from, Lolli's Chocolates is an excellent place to drop by, come this October 28. In addition to procuring treats for yourself in the near future, though, you can kick off the holidays early and, during your chocolate expedition, look into one of their many holiday-themed assortments. For example, near the top of their website is a whopping 80-piece chocolate platter all themed around Christmas decorations and confectionery. 111 St. Charles Ave., (504) 717-2004,

Laura's Candies

This list would be incomplete were it not to mention New Orleans's oldest candy shop: Laura's Candies, located fittingly in its little niche in the French Quarter. They are most famous for their pralines, yet it is nothing short of impossible to go wrong with Laura's Candies in your quest for chocolate confections on October 28. Diverse menu options that range from the delicious Louisiana turtles to the delectable chocolate-dipped Twinkies give any customer a hard time choosing just one or two sweets to walk away with. 331 Chartres St., (800) 992-9699,

Southern Candymakers

Another sweets-staple of New Orleans, Southern Candymakers has been operating for 28 years now and has been doling out delicious pralines and chocolates since day one. These pralines, which have won multiple awards, do come in chocolate variants that you can and should try if given the opportunity. Also of note is their extremely appealing variety of turtles; though, to be frank, it is difficult to find anything on their menu that is not appealing. 334 Decatur St., (800) 344-9773,

Mister Apple

Finally, finishing off this list of decadent dessert shoppes is Mister Apple. Located on North Peters Street, this specialty apple dessert confectionery can give you a special kind of chocolate that you may not have had in quite some time—that is, chocolate dipped over a crisp Granny Smith apple. As one visit to their website will show you, all kinds of dipped apples are available to order and pick up, including delicacies like the white-chocolate dipped caramel apple. 201 N. Peters St., (504) 524-0601,


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