May 14 2019

Filmed in New Orleans: Kim Cattrall is Filthy Rich

By: Terry Sykes-Bradshaw

The Kim Cattrall drama Filthy Rich will premiere on the Fox Network sometime in 2020, according to a article. The show's pilot was filmed in New Orleans. Based on a New Zealand series by the same name, the show features a Southern family, the Montreauxes, who inherit a Christian television network when the patriarch dies.

Created by Mississippi native and The Help filmmaker Tate Taylor, Filthy Rich is a drama with comedic elements. Cattrall, the wife of the deceased patriarch, plays an Oprah-like star of a lifestyle show. The cast also includes Gerald McRaney, Corey Cott, Aubrey Dollar, Melia Kreiling, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, and Mark L. Young.

"With monumental twists and turns, not to mention lies, deceit, and shade in every direction, Filthy Rich presents a world in which everyone has an ulterior motive-and no one is going down without a fight," a network promo says.

It is uncertain at this time if future episodes will return to New Orleans.

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