Film Review: <em>The Wolf of Snow Hollow</em>
Oct 16 2020

Film Review: The Wolf of Snow Hollow

By: David Vicari

The hero in The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a deputy sheriff named John Marshall, who is a miserable and obnoxious drunk with severe anger issues. His ailing father (the great Robert Forster in his final film role) is the sheriff of the small mountain town, and John is next in line for the job. While struggling through AA, as well as raising a teenage daughter (Chloe East), John, with the help of his department, is investigating the grisly murders of women that are happening during each full moon. Could it be that a werewolf is committing these murders? John doesn't believe so, but his comrades do.

Your enjoyment of this movie depends on your tolerance of the main character. John yells at just about everyone throughout most of the movie and is rarely sympathetic. He is played by the film's director/writer Jim Cummings, and his movie has an odd tone. Is it a comedy? Is it horror? Or just a quirky crime drama? It doesn't always gel together comfortably, but, strangely enough, I did find the climax emotional and satisfying.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is now streaming.

** ½ Stars (Out of Four)


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