Film Review: <em>The Broken Hearts Gallery</em>
Sep 25 2020

Film Review: The Broken Hearts Gallery

By: Fritz Esker

Romantic comedies have fallen out of favor in Hollywood in the past few years. So it's nice to see a new romantic comedy hit the big screen, even if writer-director Natalie Krinsky's The Broken Hearts Gallery is a mixed bag.

Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) is a young woman freshly dumped by her boyfriend (Utkarsh Ambudkar) for another woman. An aspiring artist, Lucy takes her habit of saving random items from her past relationships and turns it into an art exhibit in the lobby of a soon-to-be-hotel. The exhibit attracts people who want to leave behind their own tokens of lost loves. The hotel's owner (Dacre Montgomery) is handsome, charming, and clearly destined to end up with Lucy.

The Broken Hearts Gallery has its good points. In many such films, Ambudkar's character would be a one-dimensional jerk, but Krinsky's script gives him some depth and humanity. However, the film is more mildly amusing than ever laugh-out-loud funny. Its 107-minute running time meanders a bit, too. Viswanathan and Montgomery are likable, but don't set the screen on fire with their chemistry, either.

The romantic comedy is a valid genre with a rich cinematic history. Hopefully, Hollywood will have the guts to greenlight more of them after The Broken Hearts Gallery.

** ½ Stars (Out of Four)


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