Fans in the Stands: 20,000 Attend NASCAR Race
Jul 22 2020

Fans in the Stands: 20,000 Attend NASCAR Race

By: Graham Andreae

With social distancing causing the cancellation of many events, fans of NASCAR were in for a real treat as they watched the All-Star Race last weekend with a crowd of 20,000 people. (This, of course, is despite the problems evoked by a large group joining together at this point in a global pandemic.) There was significant satisfaction by both reporting by ESPN and among the officials that the sports news site talked to.

The article quoted Clint Boyer, the All-Star selection, as saying, "It damn sure feels good to have the fans back at the track."

According to further ESPN reporting, the race was moved to Tennessee because the stadium where it is known to be held, Charlotte Motor Speedway, was in a state that refused NASCAR's request to sell tickets. This was not the case in Tennessee. Sadly, upon entering the stadium, fans were greeted by a familiar symbol: the Confederate flag being tugged across the sky by a plane.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans of Columbia, Tennessee, claimed that it paid for the banner over Talladega. The one flying over Bristol Motor Speedway listed only the group's website. The race continued regardless of who flew the flag. NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag at their races, in spite of protests from fans who feel strongly on the issue.

Regardless, NASCAR is ramping up to reopen fully, in spite of the global pandemic.

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