EZgo Markets Opens Uptown
Jan 15 2021

EZgo Markets Opens Uptown

By: Emily Hingle

More and more people are using grocery delivery and car-side pick-up services out of convenience and safety. Not all of the services out there, however, are equal. Comparing time, cost, ease, and more, your usual service might not be the best option after all. That's where EZgo Markets on 3701 S Claiborne Avenue comes in.

The newly-opened, locally-owned, and family-run grocery delivery/pick-up market checks all of the boxes when it comes to affordability and convenience, and your dollars will stay in the community as compared to getting grocery pick-up with Walmart or Whole Foods Market.

"All of our products are on the website (ezgomarkets.com); customers can order online or on the phone with a real person, then it gets delivered immediately. It's as easy as ordering take-out food. You can pick it up car-side or we can deliver it to you. You can do your grocery shopping in bed," said Mei, one of the owners of EZgo Markets. The store is packed with food and sundries. Most of the items are brand-name and very well priced. She continued, "We're focused on snacks and dry groceries, but we do have basic staples and produce." The groceries include baking items, spices, sodas, pastas, and even dog food. They also have a wide range of refrigerated and frozen foods including deli meats, cheese, and newly-arrived Ben + Jerry's Ice Cream.

"We're different in the sense that if you're going to order with us, you will get your delivery within an hour," Mei explained. Other stores may require selecting a pick-up or delivery time that could be hours away from when you order. With EZgo Markets, your order is immediately packaged and delivered. The packaging is especially important for this store. They pack the groceries into large, insulated bags and freezer bags that contain partitions, so the grocery bags and their contents stay safe. "I know how frustrating it is when you have your heavy drinks on top of your chips. We make sure that when we package the delivery, your items don't get crushed."

In addition to the benefits of EZgo Markets, customers will feel good knowing that they're supporting a family business. "My parents and my husband Yung's parents were first-generation immigrants to the U.S. We lived in a restaurant afterschool working there. We've been doing the restaurant business for 20+ years. We have our restaurant Uptown Green Tea, and we've been delivering Uptown for 10 years so we know how to do it. We've seen that, especially with COVID, I think there's a need for health reasons as well as convenience this is needed."

EZgo Markets accepts credit cards, cash, and EBT. They are currently open daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., but they plan to extend their hours when they are approved to sell spirits.

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