Copper Vine Kicks Brunch Up A Notch
Dec 03 2018

Copper Vine Kicks Brunch Up A Notch

By: Emily Hingle

The new wine pub Copper Vine has been making headlines since they opened just a few months ago. From the plant-encased patio to the contemporary bar, Copper Vine is like a fresh breath of air in a town that often favors long-standing traditions over anything trendy. Not only are their wines on tap and dinner menu making waves in the culinary scene right now, their brunch is just getting started, and it’s going to be a hit with those who will forsake sleeping in to get it. Brunch begins at 10:30 AM and ends at 4 PM.

For the mere price of $35, you can have bottomless Veuve Clicquot Rose to complement your meal which I extremely recommend. You can start imbibing at the beginning of brunch, but the service ends at 2 PM. We started off with freshly-made complimentary popcorn which is available for all customers to have; one simply needs to walk up to the whimsical popcorn popper and make themselves a bowl. There is a variety of flavor enhancers to add on top like dill pickle and siracha.

We soon graduated to colorful Roasted Beets salad. The soft and savory yellow and red beets sat atop two pillows of honey-whipped goat cheese and tangy pesto. We found that eating one beet at a time rotating between the cheese and pesto was the best way to get to know each flavor.

For our entrees, we shared the Steak & Egg dish and the Crabmeat Omelette. The expertly-cooked medium rare steak was beautifully displayed next to a poached egg that was piled high with a strip of crisp bacon and adorned with heirloom tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles. The Crabmeat Omelette was an absolute delight, and it was definitely one of the best omelets I’ve ever tasted. The fluffy omelet had a healthy ladleful of rich sauce drizzled over it before being strewn with well-seasoned lump crab meat, bits of tomato, and serrano ham. Little leaves of greens added a pop of color. In fact, the black dishware really allows the colors of the meals to stand out and be totally Instagram-worthy.

Speaking of ‘gram-worthy dishes, you really had to stand up at your seat to get the best view of the out-of-this-world galaxy-inspired dessert. It was like a deconstructed candy bar with caramel-clustered nuts, fudge, and other small goodies floating around caramel swirl. Just to top things off (and to feed my French fry obsession), we ended our brunch with some crispy, tasty Duck Fat Fries covered in a blanket of parmesan cheese and served with garlic aioli.

This is your new favorite bruch spot, I guarantee it. 

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