Beau Rivage Celebrates Betting With Tap
Aug 02 2019

Beau Rivage Celebrates Betting With Tap

By: Emily Hingle

Sports betting has been legal in Mississippi for one year, and the premium hotel and casino in Biloxi decided to support it full force. Beau Rivage has transformed one of their many restaurant spaces into Tap Book, Bistro, Bar. It's like an adult wonderland with excellent food, a wide range of beverages, and tons of TVs so that you can watch your favorite sporting matches with unobstructed views. You can also place bets at the betting bar before sitting back down at your video poker machine embedded into the several bars or seating areas. For those who are serious about keeping their eyes on the game, you can sit right in front of the giant screen TV in luxurious leather seats made for lounging. While watching the game, you may want to chow down on the Tap Burger with a savory, spicy sauce and wash it down with a boozy adult milkshake.

Just as football season gears up, Tap is sure to be a happy home for fans. Saints fans in particular will enjoy seeing their team win before setting off for a night of fun in Beau Rivage.

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