Americans Citizens Now Barred From the Bahamas
Jul 21 2020

Americans Citizens Now Barred From the Bahamas

By: Sofia Gomez Alonso

This past Sunday, the prime minister of the Bahamas announced that the country will be restricting its borders after the Ministry of Health reported a recent spike in local COVID-19 cases. According to the nation's surveillance unit, there have been 49 new confirmed cases at a national level since the country announced the reopening of its international borders on July 1. The prime minister referenced the United States's rapidly increasing number of cases and referred to the growing number of deaths in countries often visited by Bahamian citizens.

The new regulations, which will come into effect as of Wednesday, July 22, at midnight, will not apply to commercial flights and vessels coming from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European union. Bahamas Air, the country's airline, will stop all flight services to the United States until further notice.

The official communication from the government stated that citizens of the Bahamas who are studying in the United States will be accommodated so that they can resume their educational programs in a timely manner.

The new regulations demand all incoming residents and visitors to present a negative COVID-19 test upon arriving to the country or to quarantine for 14 days. Air travel to and from the United States will remain restricted until the health team working with the Bahamian government instructs that it is safe to resume these flights.

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