A Nursing Collaboration Between Loyola University and Ochsner Health
Oct 29 2020

A Nursing Collaboration Between Loyola University and Ochsner Health

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Biz New Orleans has reported that, in a fitting and exciting joint effort, Ochsner Health and Loyola University New Orleans are putting on a nursing program for interested students attending the university. In a time when nurses and health professionals have proven to be an even more critical facet of society than they ever have been in the last century, programs like these that expedite the process to a medical career are more than welcome. The impetus for this program is the much-felt lack of full-time nurses in our nation, but especially in the South.

Many of Louisiana's nurses are retiring nowadays, and there are not enough people filing in to fill their shoes. According to the Louisiana State Nursing Board, a whopping 37 percent of registered nurses in Louisiana are at least 50 years old as of last year. This problem will only continue to worsen, should those both in and out of the field not take immediate action, and steps like this college nursing program are always in the right direction. Those enrolled will be on a fast track to assisting live patients, with advanced learning techniques such as a simulation lab to help them become accustomed to grave and important medical emergencies quickly.

Ultimately, we can only hope that efforts like this will give inspiration to others to spread the sentiment. As difficult as the pandemic has been for those suffering either from the virus or shutdowns directly, the immense workload and stress leave those in the field of treating it just as burdened. The extreme shortness of general staff only exacerbates this issue, so hopefully, this program and more to follow can be fruitful in their endeavors to help all those ailing from the COVID pandemic to recover.

For more information on the collaboration, click HERE.

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